Midwest Academy
of Tae Kwon Do

Rules of the DoJang (Gym)

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The following are a set of safety and etiquette (good manner) rules, which all students are strictly required to follow. Any student who knowingly disregards these rules will be reprimanded by having rank taken away or dismissed from training.


  1. No food or beverages (except water) is allowed in the Do Jang.
  2. No shoes are to be worn in the Do Jang.
  3. Only authorized instructors (members of the Midwest Academy of TaeKwon-Do or guests) are allowed to conduct class.
  4. No running around, pushing, shoving, rude behavior, or disrespect is allowed - treat everyone fairly and kindly.
  5. No free sparring, weapon training, or board breaking is allowed without an instructor present.
  6. Do not try any technique without proper instruction, only work on techniques being taught by the instructors.
  7. Students are to stay in the Do Jang at all times unless instructor gives permission to leave.
  8. Remove all jewelry and watches before training.
  9. Notify instructor of any injuries, medical conditions, or physical limitations that could be brought on or made worse while training.
  10. Students must obey all rules, orders, and commands issued by the instructor(s).


  1. All students above the rank of white belt should be training in a regulation uniform that is properly cared for.
  2. If you are in the Do Jang and it is not your scheduled time to train, you may practice on your own, but remain quiet, do not interrupt class, do not talk to students training, be respectful of others.
  3. Upon entering or leaving the Do Jang, face into the Do Jang and bow - if we had our country's flag in the Do Jang that would be the direction to bow, it is a sign of respect for your country and your training hall.
  4. Upon greeting, the students should bow to the instructors and each other; it is a sign of respect.
  5. Students should always address the instructors and senior students as Mr., Mrs., Sir, Ma'am, etc.
  6. Uniforms must be kept clean and not torn, replace worn out uniforms.
  7. When shaking hands with the Black Belts, use both hands.
  8. When asking a question, stand at attention, bow to the instructor, raise your hand, and make sure the instructor has acknowledged you before asking your question. Always say, "thank you sir" afterwards.
  9. Line up by rank, then by age. Senior students line up from the far right working their way left.
  10. Remain in the last position / posture you were in until the instructor tells you to change.
  11. When sitting, sit with legs crossed and your hands on your knees do not lean, slump, or lay down. Do not cross your arms or put your hands on your hips unless instructed to do so.
  12. Be prompt for class, it is disrespectful to come into class late. The instructors do realize though in this day and age, very few can get out of work on time, kids have to be picked up from daycare, etc., so we understand if these are your circumstances, get to class whenever you can. We would rather have you come in a few minutes late and train hard, then not train at all.
  13. Junior students should set up the Do Jang: sweep the floor, set out equipment, etc.
  14. No disrespect, ridicule of other students, or "picking on others" will be tolerated. Students displaying this kind of behavior will be asked to leave the Do Jang.
  15. Always treat others as you would want to be treated, with respect and kindness. Always help others whenever possible.
  16. If you have a concern or a problem, ask for a private meeting between yourself and the instructors. We will be happy to work through any problems or concerns a student might have but it is disrespectful to openly debate or dispute a matter with the instructor.